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How To Make Crypto Deposit in Singapore Online Casino?

In the most recent decade, cryptocurrency has grown in popularity across the globe. From the far East to North America, hardly will you find a country where people are not engaged in the selling and buying of digital currency. This is understandable as cryptocurrency offers several values that you’ll ordinarily not get while banking with local banks.

Cryptocurrency has influenced several parts of online activities, and the chief among them is online gambling. This is particularly true among online casino Singapore platforms. Today, patrons can easily deposit their preferred online casino from their wallets. If you plan to start betting with Bitcoin or Ethereum soon and wondering how to go about it, here is a comprehensive guide for you.

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How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Casino

First off, you need to find a Singapore online casino that supports cryptocurrency for transactions. This might prove a little tricky as the number of crypto casinos continues to grow. Hence, an unsuspecting newbie could end up with an unscrupulous betting site that may defraud them. Before you make a final decision on betting casinos that support cryptocurrency, you should make some assessments.

Get a list of online casinos that supports Bitcoin payment, then start your assessment. The first thing to check is the website’s license. An online casino without a license should be avoided completely. Do not deposit your money or Bitcoin into any unverified betting site. A licensed betting site is not only likely to be reputable but also supports a fair gaming system.

Furthermore, read about the bitcoin casino review. If there is impressive and positive feedback from previous players and online reviewers, then it is worth considering. The availability of quality betting options and impressive bonuses are also good indicators of a top online casino Singapore platform. Lastly, you don’t want to sign up with an unfriendly betting site. Contact customer support and assess their assistance and responsiveness. With all these assessments, you have a high chance of ending up with the best bitcoin casino out there.

Singaporean online casino accepting cryptocurrency

If you do not have the time luxury to search for reputable online casinos, you can check out betting sites such as GOD55, Maxim88, ECLBET, b9casino, BitStaz, PlayAmo, and King Billy. They are popular online casinos that support different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Types of Cryptocurrency to Make Deposit 

Currently, the list of cryptocurrencies acceptable in most crypto casinos is quite limited compared to the number of digital currencies in the market today. However, you can find the following cryptocurrencies to be acceptable in several Singapore online casinos:

Why should you consider crypto casinos?

Several benefits come with cryptocurrency as means of transactions in an online casino. Below are some valuable benefits of betting using Bitcoin (or other digital currencies) in betting sites:

  • No Middle man – If you are familiar with cryptocurrency transactions, you’ll agree that it’s pretty fast. That aside, cryptocurrency in an online casino is secure and independent of the middle man. In other words, sending Bitcoin from your cryptocurrency wallet doesn’t need approval from a middle man, such as a Bank institution, online payment platform, or get permission from the Government.
  • Anonymity – You can hardly find any other payment means that guarantee better privacy than payment with Bitcoin. Once you initiate the payment using your address, the transaction cannot be tracked or monitored by an unauthorized third party.
  • Highly secure – Aside from confidentiality, cryptocurrency transaction is completely free from online or offline breaches. As long as you don’t share your crypto-wallet access with an unscrupulous person, you are completely safe. No crypto casino will ask for your wallet access to perform a transaction.

How to make a crypto deposit

The process of sending cryptocurrency or receiving the digital currency from your preferred online casino is straightforward. Simply follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Create a cryptocurrency account

This is pretty easy. You can sign up for a cryptocurrency wallet on different platforms. Some reputable cryptocurrency sites to consider include Coinbase, Blockchain, Binance, Trust wallet, etc. Free to check as many as possible and sign up with a cryptocurrency site that you are comfortable with. 

Step 2: Establish your bitcoin wallet

After creating an account, you’ll automatically have a wallet. However, you can create as many wallets as possible on several cryptocurrency sites. Whether you have one or more, ensure that you use safe and easy-to-remember security options. Also, fund your wallet by purchasing Bitcoin or any digital currency that you want to use for online betting.

Step 3: Ask for your casino crypto address

Once you fund your crypto wallet with Bitcoin, you may proceed to sign up with your preferred online casino. Check for their payment options and choose a cryptocurrency payment option. If you find it difficult to locate the crypto payment link, get in touch with customer support. You’ll be given the casino crypto wallet address to make your payment.

Step 4: Make the final transfer

Copy your crypto casino wallet address and return to your crypto wallet. Send the amount that you would like to use for betting on the online casino Singapore platform. Use the address given to complete the transaction. You’ll receive a notification from your casino account about the successful deposit via crypto-wallet.

Step 5: Bet with your Bitcoin

Return to your online casino account and log in. Now, you can use your Bitcoin to bet on any game of your choice. Feel free to explore the page and choose your preferred game. 


Making a deposit via crypto-wallet to the online casino is seamless and quick. Also, betting with Bitcoin or any other digital currency gives you privacy and a high-security guarantee. Depending on your preferred online casino, you might even receive bonuses for playing with cryptocurrencies. Follow the simple guide herein to fund your online casino and enjoy betting with digital currencies. Good luck betting. 


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