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Singapore Turf Club
Singapore Turf Club

Since 1842, thousands of horse racing lovers have visited Singapore’s only horse racing club the Singapore Turf Club (STC) to witness mouth-watering horse racing events. Though the Singapore Turf Club was closed to all spectators at the height of the Covid pandemic in the past few years, starting on 30 April 2022, STC is now open to everyone. This in essence means horse racing lovers can visit STC and watch their favourite horses outrun their opponents.

The mere fact that the Singapore Turf Club has been operational since 1842 demonstrates one thing that is, horse racing is highly popular in Singapore. Though STC is still open to all punters, nowadays, horse racing lovers have the added advantage of engaging in horse racing betting via numerous channels including online. To serve the thousands of horse racing lovers online, dozens of online sportsbooks have opened shop in Singapore offering a wide variety of betting services including horse racing betting.

Retail Horse Racing Betting

Punters ought to note that the Singapore Turf Club is the only horse-racing club in Singapore. As such, all punters who would like to see racing events and place bets on any of the events do so only when they visit the Singapore Turf Club. Punters may organise a trip to STC by themselves or they can make use of travel agents available online. Races usually take place on weekends hence punters should travel to STC towards the weekend.

Online Horse Racing Betting

Online Horse Racing Betting
Online Horse Racing Betting

Thanks to the advent of the internet and all its associated technologies, punters nowadays can place bets in the comfort of their own homes using desktop or mobile devices. To start placing bets, punters simply need to settle at any Singapore online casinos accepting horse racing bets. The beauty of betting online over retail betting is that online, punters get the opportunity of not only betting on local events but they can also bet on top international events such as the Grand National (UK), Melbourne Cup (Australia), Kentucky Derby (USA), Prix de I ‘Arc de Triomphe (France) and Dubai World Cup (United Arab Emirates).

Horse Racing Tips

Punters should not just fall into horse racing betting. Before punters place their bets, they must master key basics with regards to horse racing betting. Mastering the basics of horse racing betting enhances the punters’ chances of having a successful time at the races and hopefully, going back home with fat pockets. Get to know all about the important betting basics when you continue reading this Singapore horse racing tips free guide.

The favourite doesn’t always win

Most punters especially the beginners have a misconception that the favourite will always win. Well, while the favourite is dubbed a ‘favourite for a reason’, punters ought to note that horse racing is a highly unpredictable game. As such, it’s important to take each race as a different game and thus do proper research on all competing horses before the race begins. Only through research can punters get a better insight into the likely outcome of the race.

Learn and understand horse racing terminology

 Once you enter the horse racing world, you will start to hear all sorts of new terminology. Well, you better start learning about the terminology as soon as possible as failure to do so spells doom for your gambling adventure. Knowing horse racing terminology makes horse racing research easier. To learn about horse racing terminology, punters just need to make use of online horse racing sites including some Singapore online casinos as they offer blogs on such topics.

Learn all about surfaces

Punters need to note that horse racing events take place on different turfs (surfaces). Some races take place on dirt turf, others on grass turf and others on artificial turf. Each of these turfs have its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to horses’ speed. At the same time, different horses prefer different turfs depending on their racing speeds and agility. As such, before placing bets, punters must check how the horse/s they want to bet on perform on specific turfs.

Know the trainers and jockeys

Coaches (also referred to as managers in some sports) are very important to the performance of sports stars or teams. This also applies to horses. The input of the trainer and jockey is very important to the performance of the horse. This, therefore, means punters should know more about a horse’s trainer and jockey before placing bets.

Learn to decipher the signs of confident and jittery horses

This tip is beneficial mostly to punters who head over to the Singapore Turf Club to place their bets in person. Before the race starts, punters should learn the skills of deciphering the confident horses from the jittery horses. Statistics show that calm and confident runners often finish in the top positions during the races while the jittery horses often perform poorly.

Make use of tipsters

Well, while you may love placing horse racing bets, you should know that some folks dedicate all of their time to following different horses, horse racing events, trainers and jockeys. Such folks owing to the much time they devote to following all things related to horse racing have more information which help one place bets from a more informed position. As such, it’s recommended to follow the insights relayed by these tipsters as the info will often be accurate and a true reflection of each horse’s likely performance.

Practice always makes perfect

Lastly, we want to conclude by saying practice since time immemorial always makes perfect. As such, this, therefore, means you should not worry about losing during your early forays into horse racing betting. Rather, you should try to amass as much experience as you can. Once you amass this experience, you will realise that horse racing betting will become much easier and more rewarding!


Horse racing betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling in Singapore. This gambling activity has been enjoyed for decades as the first racing club in Singapore that is, the Singapore Turf Club was founded back in 1842. In this detailed guide to horse racing betting in Singapore, punters learn all about horse racing betting in Singapore as well as the tips they need to master when placing their bets.

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