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Singapore Pools

Sports betting, lotteries and remote gambling activities are permitted in Singapore. However, all these activities are only deemed legal when players partake in them at Singapore Pools outlets. Singapore Pools has both retail and online outlets. In essence, this, therefore, means players can partake in sports betting and lotteries either physically at retail outlets or online.

Singapore Pools is a state-owned body that was founded back in 1968. The body was founded at a time when underground betting was rampant. As such, the body was a countermeasure by the government to allow players to partake in their favourite pastime legally. To ensure that all punters are catered for, Singapore Pools was tasked with running and overseeing betting operations for three key gambling products exposed below:

  1. Sports
  2. Lottery
  3. Horse Racing

On 1 May 2004, the Singapore government tasked the Tote Board which falls under the Ministry of Finance to regulate and oversee all Singapore Pools in the country. Since then, the Tote Board has embarked on a massive drive to modernise Singapore Pools. It is through the massive efforts of the Tote Board that today, players in Singapore can place their bets online. 

How to Play Singapore Pools

How to Play Singapore Pools
How to Play Singapore Pools

As alluded to before, players can play Singapore Pools either at retail outlets or online. Though three different gambling products fall under Singapore Pools, players ought to note that the process for playing any of the offered gambling products is more or less the same. Below, we expose the step by step process of playing Singapore Pools with a particular focus on TOTO (lottery).

  • The first step is logging into one’s Singapore Pools Account. Players who don’t have an account yet should create an account first. Creating an account is an easy process as players simply need to input their details and choose their preferred banking method as well as security credentials which they use for all future login purposes
  • Once players log in to their account, they should choose the gambling product they want to bet on. In our context, the product we want is lotteries so one should tap on the ‘Lottery’ button
  • Upon landing on the lottery page, the next step is to choose the lottery game that players want to bet on. There are three lottery games that players choose from. Namely, these are the 4D, TOTO and Singapore Sweep
  • Depending on the lottery game chosen, pick the lucky numbers
  • Afterwards, pay the price for the ticket. Players ought to note that the minimum cost is $1
  • Wait for the draw to take place to see if the ticket wins or not. There are different draw dates for the lottery games. The draw dates for each lottery game are displayed on the screen under each game’s info tab.

Rules of Singapore Pools

  • Singapore Pools at any time reserves the right to amend, change or update the selections offered in respect of any betting event
  • Singapore Pools at any time reserves the right to decline or accept a particular bet
  • To participate in Singapore Pools, the participant has to either place a bet through the Account Betting System or buy a Ticket at the outlet
  • It is the participant’s responsibility at all times to be aware of an event’s current state of play. All participants are advised to verify the status of the event and the existing state of play before placing their bets
  • Any information, statistics or editorial text which originate from third-party sources and are displayed on the betting website are provided for general purposes only
  • The minimum stake for a bet placed at an outlet shall be in multiplies of one
  • At any time where an error in or miscalculation of any prize is discovered, the company shall be empowered in its sole and absolute discretion to declare a revised prize.

Odds to Win the Prizes

The odds for all the gambling products offered under Singapore Pools differ. When it comes to sports betting and remote gambling (horse racing), the odds differ by event and time when the bet is placed. As such, it’s difficult to express the odds for sports betting or remote gambling. However, the odds for the lottery games are fixed hence can be expressed. Below we expose the odds for the three lottery games offered at Singapore Pools.

Singapore Sweep Lottery Odds

Prize CategoryOdds
1st Prize1 in 3,500,000
2nd Prize1 in 3,500,000
3rd Prize1 in 3,500,000
Jackpot Prize1 in 350,000
Lucky Prize1 in 350,000
Gift Prize1 in 116,667
Consolation Prize1 in 116,667
Participation Prize1 in 70,000
Any Prize1 in 11

TOTO Lottery Odds

Prize CategoryOdds
Jackpot1 in 13,983,816
2nd1 in 2,330,636
3rd1 in 55,491
4th1 in 22,197
5th1 in 1,083
6th1 in 812
7th1 in 61
Any Prize1 in 54

4D Lottery Odds

Prize CategoryOdds
1st1 in 10,000
2nd1 in 10,000
3rd1 in 10,000
Starter1 in 1,000
Consolation1 in 1,000
Any Prize1 in 435

Singapore Pools Jackpot

Players playing any of the lottery games at Singapore Pools can expect huge rewards once they get all numbers correct. Players who get all numbers correct in 4D Lotto win $2000 for each $1 wagered! This in essence means players can easily scoop a million or more dollars.

When it comes to the Singapore Sweep lotto, players are guaranteed to win at least $2,300,000 when they get all numbers correct.

The TOTO lottery awards jackpot winners a guaranteed $1,000,000+ in prize money. As the TOTO lotto game is a pooled game, jackpot winners scoop 38% of the total prize pool. This in most instances eclipses the 2 million mark! 

Players ought to note that the biggest jackpot win thus far for all lotto games came in the TOTO lotto. Eight lucky players managed to get all numbers correct. The prize pool for the draw stood at a whopping $19.4 million meaning each of the eight players went home with a cool $2.43 million!

Results of Singapore Pools

There are four easy ways in which players can check out the results of the Singapore Pools lotto games. These are as follows:

  1. Watch the draws live either on the official website or at selected Singapore Pools retail outlets
  2. Check the results of previous draws on the official website
  3. Set up email alerts to receive draw results after each draw
  4. Download and install the Singapore Pools mobile app and check results over there

How to Claim Singapore Pools Prizes

Claiming Singapore Pools prizes is very simple. All tickets that players generate once they pick their lucky numbers (in the context of lotto games) come with a number link. If the numbers picked win during the draw, players can take their ticket to any Singapore Pools retail outlet to claim their prize.

Singapore Pools FAQs

  • Can I watch the Singapore Pools lotto draws live?

Yes, it’s possible to watch the Singapore Pools lotto draws live. Players can watch the live draws either on the Singapore Pools official website or at any Singapore Pools retail outlet.

  • Are there consolation prizes offered when playing Singapore Pools Lottery games?

Yes, all three lottery games under the Singapore Pools offer consolation prizes.

  • How much is a Singapore Pools lottery ticket?

The minimum bets for the Singapore Pools lottery tickets range from $1 to $3. Players however ought to note that they may increase the bets depending on their preferences. The beauty of increasing the bets is that it allows players to benefit from additional privileges such as system bets.

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